A Letter To Television

A Letter To Television

Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st

Three’s Company
Melrose Place
Beverly Hills 90210

Friday 13th”

              “Dear John:-”

               It was “Saturday Night Live” there was a “Party of Five, Martin, Seinfeld, Felicity, Malcolm and Eddie” were all “Grown Ups” on “Dawsons Creek” near “Rikki Lake.”  Eddie was “Charmed” by “Felicity’s beauty. So he grabbed her by the “Nanny” and said, I’m “Mad About You.”  

               I am “Living Single” and I have “One Live To Live.”  My “Passion is to be “Married With Children” having a “Full House” of “Kids Saying The Darndest Things.”  “Felicity said, “Get Real,” we can only be “Friends” and besides in “7 Days” I’ll be “Buffy The Vampire Slayer.” 

Eddie “Had A Change Of Heart.” and from the “West Wing” He threw a first, second and “Third Rock” at “Felicity.”  Her life was in “Jeopardy.”  “Seinfeld called the “Cops” and in “60 Minutes” came the “New York Undercover” all “Men In Black.”  “Felicity said see you on “Judge Judy.”

              “Judge Judy” said, this case is “Politically Incorrect,” because Eddie was just being “Young  And Restless” and “Felicity is “Bold And Beautiful.”  Eddie tells “Felicity” “Mash.”  “Judge Judy” said “Law And Order, wait your turn.  By the way “Whose Line  Is It Anyway?”  I’m placing Eddie in a “General Hospital” close to “Sunset Beach” for  psychiatric help. 

Eddie was “The Weakest Link” so he yelled “I wanna be free!”  “Judge Judy said once “The Price Is Right.”  Eddie yelled “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”  “Judge Judy” said, this is “Real TV” not “Mad TV.”  This is the “Peoples Court” and you lack “Parent Hood, “Basic Instinct” tells  me it’s a simple case of “Boy Meets World.”  Eddie said, I’m sorry.  Please “Forgive And Forget.” 

“What Secret And Mystery?”  “Judge Judy” was “Touched By An Angel” from “7th Heaven” and sentenced him only to one year imprisonment.  “As The World Turn,” Eddie was “Scared Straight.”  He was last seen on “Hollywood Squares” with “Jerry Springer” “Sisters Sisters” The Wayan Brothers” and ” The Fresh Prince Of Bell Air.”  

               So……. “Cheers” to Eddie because these are the “Days Of Our Lives.” 

The Jeffersons.

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Article Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st
Stage Name: Mr Pregnant

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