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    Read this line in a book today…” Behind all snobbery is a false or irrelevant valuation.” The book is about the murky of world of status and snobbery. Plenty of comedians like to downgrade other people (make believe or real) choices and what they value and form opinions of. Your thoughts kind and perpetually insightful master of explaining ambiguity.
    Also is reverse snobbery and act of snobbishnes since the anti-snob is asserting their superiority over snobbery?

    Behind Snobbery is Irrelevant Evaluation

    Atelston Fitzgerald Holder Ist – Response

    “Behind all snobbery is a false or irrelevant valuation?”
    There’s a myriad of dynamics that elicit snobbery; wealth, class, fame, beauty, intellectualism etc. So if these are false or irrelevant valuation, what’s their definition of true and relevant valuation?

    Talk about the irony of exacerbation by discrediting the perquisites of snobbism. “Reverse snobbery?” Becoming the participatory of a spiraling error can be perpetual. That initial statement needs a serious dismantling. Lol

    “Downgrade others.” Condescending-sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, because the humor is contingent on the disparagement of a victim; it is not self-reliant humor. However, taking into consideration a social-settings ability to encapsulate the non-literal aspect of language, (rhetoric devices) is contingent on a high level of wit.

    “That’s the irony.” Now we’re deviating into the psychology of humor and retrofitting preceding childhood experiences that perpetuated their crass belligerence. Alot of these books are subjective based and not based on any inference, hence the need to evaluate is sometimes unnecessary.

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