Gaps of Spontaneity

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    Amigo. Had a set the other night in which I did not prepare a “script” but approached the crowd (real people, not other comedians) and decided to introduce myself, talk to the crowd in a friendly manner and then I felt a desire to tell a joke, which I would rate a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10, ten being a time tested, solid joke, and low and behold, the joke got a huge response, including a 9 second laugh break (my personal record). I have only had this experience once and not sure I can repeat it. Someone told me that this is a sign of a comedic intuition when on stage. Usually it goes the other way. Your thoughts, kind sir.

    The Gaps of Spontaneity

    Atelston Fitzgerald Holder Ist – Response

    Exploring the gaps of spontaneity is quite an intriguing phenomenon; it’s the irony of an enigma, because you’re capable of intuitively evoking something you really don’t understand. You’ll never harness intuition, it’s like trying to demystifying something that’s contingent on the unknown. The discomfort with intuition is its intermittency, but once you embrace it with conviction it becomes an insatiable urge.

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