Newton’s Third Law of Motion

Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion

Conceptual Mappings Across Domains

Propagating Processes and Their Analogical Relationships

Jamar Neighbors, performs humor effortlessly; a biologically engrained stigma, or it’s ironically a cumbersome craftsmanship of “delusion of grandeur.” The former or latter is an equatable eulogization. However, the genetically-affiliated attributes of the former supersedes in a peculiar way, one that’s not contingent on premeditation, but intuition.

There’s not a single iota of physical or mental exertion during his performances, (with exception to a specific objective “he has in mind”). And his deliveries are in stark contrast to his physical demeanor and lackadaisical verbality. Synonymous to the high-pressure exhaust blasting downward combustion while “blasting” the Rocket upward into the sky.

Two opposing forces harmoniously creates a balanced equation; a peculiar kind of humor deriving from an equilibrium, and although ambiguity in humor is quite pervasive, his humor is contrastingly muddled in be-wilderness and un-anticipation.

A primary example of “Newton’s Third Law of Motion,” a law in physics that has stood the test of time. With exception ofcourse to the quantum world of improbability and ambiguity. Newton’s first law of motion states that the uniform state of an object remains in motion unless disrupted by an external force.

Second law states the relationship between object, mass and acceleration, (F is F = ma). The third law states; for every force in nature there’s an equal opposite reaction. A prime example of the analogical and metaphorical cross-platforming of mutually exclusive disciplines, one that can figuratively stand the test of time.

A concept equivalent to dynamic equilibrium, where a forward reaction is equatable to a reversible reaction, a scenario resulting in no observable systematic change. However, the forward reaction may ensue more quickly than the reverse until an equilibrium is formed. (A Balanced Equation)

This paper focuses on the conceptual mappings across mutually exclusive domains; abstract overlapping between processes in physics, biological propagations, and it’s analogical and metaphorical relationships with the non-literal attributes of linguistic processes.

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