Irony of Myriad Coincidences

    COMEDIAN: Brodie Reed

    Irony of Multiple Coincidences



    Here’s an interesting irony with Brodie’s last-name; “Reed” and “Read,” the former is a “noun,” the prevalent name for extremely tall grasslike plants, and a generic name that preceded with many prominent figures, and (ofcourse) Brodie’s last-name. The latter is a “verb,” to speak written or printed matter etc…

    Both former and latter words constitute a homophone in semantics, same pronunciation with distinctive spelling and contrasting meanings. The word “Reed” is polysemous because it’s ambiguity elicits triple or more interpretations. (A Plant, Prominent-Figures & Brodie’s Last-Name)

    The third “Weed” derives from the rhetorical-image, and the visual semantics communicate a meaning, and adding this to the equation constitutes a heterograph; “Reed” “Read” and “Weed.” Words that are spelled differently and sound similar, like to, too, two or they’re, there and their.

    Polysemy constitutes the coexistence of multiple meanings in a word; such as “Reed,” an ambiguous word with two or more interpretations, and heterograph encompasses “Reed” “Read” and “Weed,” with exceptions to the two latter; they are not polysemous because of their single and double meanings. (Although the connotational attributions of “Read and Weed” can be debated)

    Let’s explore the multiple coincidences; Brodie induced in the gist of a luxurious mind-altering substance correlates with his name “Reed,” to which is an actual plant, synonymous to (weed-plant) and the second coincidence emphasizes a homophone, “Reed” and “Weed,” one we can equate to the rhetorical image.

    A chained tandem of coincidences is somewhat ironic within the context of coincidences being treated as a singularity-phenomenon, and sometimes the subtle undertones can be overlooked. The situational irony prevails in the contrast of what’s expected or anticipated. A subtextual irony, so to speak..! I use subtextual, metaphorically.

    There’s a clear distinction between situational irony and coincidences, but they’re often used interchangeably and out of context, but they’re mutually exclusive. But sometimes a rare overlap creates a contiguity that’s an intriguing abstract rapport we can ruminate with discourse.

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