Improbability, Apophenia, Synchronicity, Preconditions

    The Improbability Principle, Apophenia, Synchronicity And Preconditions

    Apophenia, coincidence, Synchronicity, Improbability

    The law of improbability states that given an invariably amount of arbitrary events a mutual relationship will eventually occur; equivalent to flipping six coins, all six coins will eventually land on head or tail simultaneously, and this is not conducive to synchronicity, coincidences or even the law of improbability, it’s deterministic outcome derives from a set on preconditions.

    When we think about a coin, it’s a flat rounded three-dimensional piece of metal with symmetrical carvings on both sides; engraved architecture and facial visual attributes depicting historical connotations. And of-course, the engraved surface serves as a commodity for financial transaction and exchange. The pattern recognition is conducive to a law of improbability requiring a number of manmade influences; meaning if you flipped multiple coins with a smooth surface it decreases the pattern recognition possibilities.

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    The law of physics is not concerned with human cultivation, inventions and artistic endeavors, because human merits and achievements are governed by the nature and properties of matter and energy. The synchronistic, coincidental or improbable interpretation is contingent on a set of visual preconditions to lay out the framework for pattern recognition. Without these fulfilled preconditions the flip of multiple coins will invariably remain arbitrary.

    And this falls within the context of synchronistic events of all variables; ponder on a question and a billboard depicts the solution; envision an associate, and the phone rings; a tune on the radio facilitates your emotional state as if the song can read your mind. We emphasize on the improbability because the patterns are pronounced, but it’s a confirmation bias in human cognition, and here’s why—–we’ve excluded the hundreds and thousands of people that fade in and out our mind daily!

    We reject the myriad of songs disassociated with our thoughts at a given moment, and we’re oblivious to the hundreds and thousands of signs we see on a daily basis. Yet, when an improbable correlation occurs, it excites a strong feeling of enthusiasm and induces a narrative-like movie or dream reality—-and we’re the protagonist and the world is our oyster; background actors constituted to serve in the pathway to our destiny.

    Determining a mathematical explanation for daily occurrences are to complicated and intricate, and the myriad of activities occurring simultaneously, with enough time the concurrence would be an eventuality of intermittency. Newton’s third law of motion explains the phenomena of force or action being contingent or conducive to equal reactive force; this law is applicable with regards to irregular intervals, pause or break in activity retracting back to opposing state.

    Apophenia deals with the spontaneous connections and semantics of unrelated phenomena; preceding back to our primordial era, our survival mechanism was contingent on pattern recognition; to hunt, defend against predators, and using marks, signs, objects and scent as a navigation to, and from home. Hence, synchronicity or apophenia, depending on your perspective—–could be a biological evolution.

    Synchronicity deals with the simultaneity in occurrences, where concurrent events defy the everyday arbitrary chain of events. Synchronistic believers attribute the meaning to a sort of cause and effect narrative predicated by an external divine intervention; a relationship between no discernible causal connection, propounding the deterministic aspect of life.

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    Another contention with confirmation bias is the whole idea of belief validation. If you believe in alien abduction and spaghetti monsters, you’ll research information that support and validate these ideas. If you believe there’s a foreshadowing narrative that governs the purpose in your daily life, you’ll see evidence of order in chaos; regardless if the chaotic events unanimously outweighs order. Synchronicity has an inherent fallacy, because in order to augment the experience you must acknowledge its existence.

    The problem is not the general notion of these ideas themselves, but the ideology and indoctrination that precedes the perception. A deep-seated religious believer may cleave onto synchronicity because it correlates with a supreme being, moral authority and universal causality. A realist or materialist may wear an objective lens and attribute the phenomena to coincidences, void of supernatural intervention. And a scientist may observe the imperative phenomenon of improbability emerging itself given an infinite amount of arbitrary events.

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