Differentiating Summary


    Logical, Propagating and Arbitrary Metaphors



    Logical propagating metaphors are misconceptions about a propagating state; a primary example of a false assumption or conjecture, is the idea of a Chameleon using its color as an environmental camouflage. Understanding the inferential nature of what predicates the Chameleon’s biological reaction demystifies the enigma and propels a logical propagating interpretation, thus finding a useful metaphor.

     But all interpretations beyond that point is subjectively arbitrary and not contingent on any form of logical or propagating rationality. This is my favorite form of metaphors because of it’s ambiguity and vagueness.

    A logical, propagating and arbitrary metaphors are not actually metaphors, they’re only implied within the comparison context, but they’re self-explanatory for what they are in their independent state.
    The whole objective of this comparison is demystify the cross-platforming parallels between metaphors to determine which metaphors are most effective in contrast to the ineffective parallels.

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