The Renaissance, The Crusader, The Archetype of humor have arrived. The paradigm shift is about to unfold and the barriers of resilience will shatter; unprecedented, inexorable and magnificent!

The contemporary schools of humor shall feel my wrath from the four corners of the earth; I am the anomaly, the all encompassing quintessential, and my accolades of unorthodoxy shall rivet the walls of conventionalism. I am the fingers of the omnipotent God.

Actor & Comedian

Musical Composer & Arranger

Compositional Tunings Below..!
1. Watty (Capo 2nd Fret) A Walk To Remember (Standard Tuning) Reason To Live (Tuning C G C F A# D) Roadtrip Blues (Drop C. C G C F A D) Catch Me If You Can (Standard Tuning) Dances With Angels (Tuning Sawmill D G D G C D) Partial Capo 3rd, 4th, 5th String)
8. Live Your Dreams (Tuning D G C G C D) C9 Tuning D in the Bass
9. Reminisce With You (Tuning D G C G C D) C9 D in the Bass
10. A Darker Shade Of Gray (E A C G C D Tuning Gsus4/add6/add9/3rd Bass)
11. Tales Of A Lullaby (Tuning (E A C G C D Tuning Gsus4/add6/add9/3rd Bass)
12. In The Highland Of Scotland (Tuning C9 C G C G C D) Capo 2nd fret
13. Ashes In The Sky (Tuning C9 C G C G C D)

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Appeared On Over 20 Different 
Television & Cable Networks


White Collar, Clean Comedy, Professional, Courteous, Extremely Hilarious & For All Ages & Any Environment.

My Standup Comedy Channel


White Collar Comedian
The White Collar Comedian at your service, bringing you the funniest cleanest humor in New York City, My objective is not to offend but to merely explore the wondrous magnificence of clean mainstream humor. Book Me


Adult & Kids
My form of comedy encapsulates a wide variety of cultures and demographics, and has a mainstream sensationalistic appeal thats uncannily, comedically defying. Embrace a Family Oriented Evening. Book Me


Race & Religion
Race & Religions are exempted for a myriad of reasons; primarily because of its pervasiveness in the field and the disparaging connotation applied. My objective is to harness a social and psychological appeal by luring my audience to an intimidate comradery of humor. Book Me


Profanity and Sexuality
These topic are excluded from my comedic repertoire, because it disallows me the opportunity to transcend beyond the boundaries of adult oriented environments. My magnificence is a thrilling experience and missing me is a luxury you cannot afford. Book Me


Places I’ve Performed
I do Celebrity Events, Host Shows, Universities, Corporate Events, Office Shows, Cabarets, Religious Institutions, Governmental Recreations, Police and Fire Department Parties, Non Profit Organizations and all other Miscellaneous Mediums. Book Me

Aesthetically Uncanny
My stage appearance can assimilate in any environment, and i have material curtailed for a Musical, Academical and Corporately Oriented Establishments. Book Me


Professionalism & Courtesy
Professionalism and courtesy defies human description, i’ve performed for Celebrities, VIP Events and travelled with Wall Street Investors. Book Me

Why Book…?


Because my unorthodox approach to humor is undeniably uncanny, and you can enjoy the luxury of inviting your entire family to come see me. Plus my wardrobe array is infinitely astute, and my charm and good looks is immensely irresistible, and ofcourse i’m squeaky clean. Book Me


My Online Accomplishments in comedy have gained an online following of over 300 million internet viewers.


Conceptual mappings across mutually exclusive domains are quite a peculiar mnemonics you can use to retain information indefinitely, simply because the cross-platforming between domains are intertwined in a very analogical way. And if you observe the first two paragraphs on the solar system, you’ll see a strong correlation between celestial relationships and the atom.


Retrofitting ironic correlations between the Declaration of Independence, Article of Confederation, Bill of Rights Implementation in The US Constitution; The 13th, 14th and 15th Amendment; The Civil Rights Act of 1964, The Voting Rights Act of 1965 and The Fair Housing Act of 1968 etc…!


Thermodynamics was indeed a major influential force behind the steam engine, gaining insight into the underlying mechanism that governs the conversion of heat into other forms of energy; and discovering consistent laws to describe how energy oscillates within a system, from concentrated to less-concentrated.


“Here’s My Video,” discussing the cross-platforming disciplines between mutually exclusive domains. Linguistics and it’s figurative and rhetorical overlaps in physics and other attributes. Propagating velocity, dynamic equilibrium and also logical, arbitrary and obscure metaphors. Biology, zoology and it’s subset are where metaphorical extractions pervade.


A chained tandem covering a myriad of linguistic subsets; primarily Figurative Devices, Phonology, Ambiguity, Semiotics, Semantics, and specifically “Segmental and Suprasegmental” in sound and it’s role in demystifying sarcasm and other Figurative & Rhetorical Devices.


My Online Accomplishments in comedy have gained an online following of over 300 million internet viewers.

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The study of Spatial Schema, Semiotics, Phonetics, Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, Semantics & Pragmatics. Infatuated with Metaphor and Analogy in Science: Physics, Zoology and Biology. Part-time Human Activist & Philanthropist. He currently suffers from High Functioning Autism, Antisocial Disorder, Extreme Introversion & Socially Inept. Currently in Solitude. Therapy, "Musical Composer." Current Status: The Ghost Of Ambiguity!

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